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22nd Mar, 2018

Ecommerce has been a booming sector in India for all these years. We can expect that the ecommerce sales continue to achieve solid gains in 2017, rising 23.2% to $2.290 trillion globally. Indian economy, being one of the fastest growing economies in the world indeed has a major share to contribute in the mentioned statistics. Thus, it becomes inevitable for the e-commerce platforms to widen their market, increase the trade flow and enable their sales.

Sales enablement, through an advanced mix of sales methodologies, then plays a vibrant role in enabling e-commerce businesses by widening the growth horizons for them. The pain points of Indian e-commerce incumbents can be sorted out competently with the consultation of right sales enablement solutions. These solutions often range from partner/ merchant acquisition to customer relationship management from up-skilling the ecosystem to customer adoption.

Let’s quickly understand couple of sales enablement methodologies that can enhance the e-commerce ecosystem and lead it onto the path of exponential growth:


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