Retail Audits & Visual Merchandising

Retail Audits & Visual Merchandising

Looking for real retail intelligence?



An effective retail strategy and a full-proof execution of the same has the power to transform a mere memo-name into a brand, a first-time trial consumer into a loyalist and a simple yet thought through plan into a successful case study. Denave’s expertise lies in gathering and implementing real-world retail intelligence for our clients, eventually leading to informed business decisions and superior customer experiences.

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An Overview

Actionable retail intelligence drives sales in the real-world. Implementing a data-backed sales strategy will come to nothing when it is not optimized using retail intelligence. Retail intelligence enables informed decision making by evaluating and enhancing sales processes and boosts net new customer acquisitions.

Retail intelligence allows for a customer-side view of your sales process, from the in-store sales experience, to branding and after sales services. These specific insights allow you to offer a tailor-made sales experience to customers, ensuring customer retention, enhancing brand recall in the mind of the customers, and ultimately, providing a superior customer experience.

Retail Audits

  • Gather actionable retail intelligence
  • Evaluate in-store performance
  • Gain actionable retail insights

Visual Merchandising

  • In-store branding
  • Enhance customer brand recall
  • End-to-end Merchandising

Market Research

  • Read the pulse of the market
  • Geo-specific research
  • Know your audience

Mystery Shopping

  • Evaluate current sales processes
  • Gain real-world insight
  • Enhance customer experience

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